American by birth, Japanese by choice, and traveler at heart, Teni Wada is a bilingual Tokyo-based content creator and curator of the lifestyle blog, Baby Kaiju.

Using her Instagram account, @wadateni, as a tool to connect with a global audience, Teni Wada is a Heartbeat Ambassador and an influencer with a solid audience and high engagement rate.

Teni Wada draws upon her decade of life in Japan to deliver quality, compelling, and engaging content tailored to each client. She is a regular contributor to Best Living Japan, Gaijin Pot, In Japan, and Live Japan.

She has also contributed pieces to Big Tall Japan,  Tabido, as well as the newly renovated Go Tokyo website. Most recently, her article, “12 Tips & Tricks For Exploring Japan With A Baby” is featured on The Real Japan.

Additionally, Teni Wada translates Japanese language content for Live Japan’s English-speaking readership. She has also translated travel materials and produced travel guides for Heartland Japan.

Teni Wada also has a background in the Japanese fashion industry, which has led to several successful collaborations with Japanese companies such as LB Cosmetics, Fortune, and Clensure. She is also a Trendgram influencer.

Formerly a kindergarten teacher, Teni Wada is a first-time mother keen to connect with other mothers on their journey of motherhood.

She also has a vested interest in quality products for babies and toddlers. As such, she has has also collaborated with Twistshake, ByKay Carriers, and she currently has a brand ambassadorship with Fashionistots.

To get in touch with Teni Wada regarding writing projects, translation work, or collaborations, please use the contact form.